My Name is
Michael Meyer
I am passionate about DIGITAL- and PRINT-Graphics. I Also Design User Interfaces and Brand IDENTITIES.
You can’t use up creativity.

My Skillset for creating unique Artworks has evolved over the years. I enjoy creating Artworks in general (for no clients at all) very much! Make sure to take a look at my Blog, that’s the place where I sometimes post some newer and older sketches.


I am not an elite Illustrator, but my Illustrations look fine in my opinion. You can see some of them in my Portfolio / at the Homepage. Creating Illustrations takes a lot of time and effort. Since my time is limited by my health issues, I can only work on an Illustration in small chunks over the course of weeks. But I get done what I want to create.

UI Design

Since I am not serving any Clients as a Freelancer anymore, creating User Interfaces got rare. But sometimes I might get to redesign some existing application’s / website’s UI for the fun of it. But I would say that I am very good at what I do regarding User Interface creation.

Brand Identities

Nowadays I only create Brand Identities only for fun. These Creations take a lot of time for me but the result always pleases me. Brand Identity Creations got rare too, since i don’t serve any clients anymore, but when I re-do something or create a fictive Brand Identity, it’s always looking sharp and clean.


I first started with Graphic Design when I was about 12 or 13 years old.
I did User Interfaces, Logos and everything that was fun to create in my free time for a few years.

But because my knowledge was limited and a place to work in the creative field was hard to find in my town I started an apprenticeship as a businessman in retail a few years later. After finishing that I knew there had to be something better, so I went back to Graphic Design and started an apprenticeship at the Event Ad Agency eve&com GmbH & Co. KG in Cassel, Germany.
Working there gave me a huge experience Boost and I learned it all, from creating the most complex Print and Digital Artworks to being the Jr. Art Director with a good team.
There have been times where I also did the Stage Management and took care of the Artists. We organized huge Festivals and had a great time.
In the last years at the Agency I had my own team, with me as the Jr. Art Director. These times have been the most fun times in my life. Greetings fly out to all my old Work Colleagues, you Guys were the best!

Right after my apprenticeship I started working freelance for various different kind of clients. I did Event Communication, Brand Identities, User Interface Design and Artworks in general.

Now I am 90% retired and am showing my Work here on my Website for others to see.
Limited by health issues I can rarely go and create a new piece of art, but if I find the time it goes straight to this website!